IoT-PREDICT is a plug-and-play, infinitely scalable, end-to-end, industrial grade machine monitoring solution.

Multi sensor, anywhere, any time smart monitoring


Now, through a ground breaking partnership between Dell, Microsoft and ActionPoint, condition monitoring is undergoing a paradigm shift and moving to the promised land of cost effective, end-to-end, flexible, accurate, secure monitoring.

Join the Machine Monitoring Revolution


Any machine, any where, can alert you instantly if there’s any change to it’s vital signs


To date solutions for monitoring critical machines and plant equipment have been inflexible, suffer from proprietary lock-in and are daunting to implement. Newer IoT based offerings, have promised much, but to date have been incomplete and mostly unsuitable for industrial environments.


Each pack includes a complete solution; hardware, software, sensors, instructions.

Easy to implement
Pop on the sensors, spend 10 minutes configuring settings and you are done. No big install. No IT expertise required. No server needed. Quickly deploy across your operation.

Easy to scale
Start with 1 machine, 10 or 100. IoT-PREDICT is infinitely scalable and easily tailored to you requirements. Our team can help configure solutions to meet your precise needs.

Industrial Grade
IoT-PREDICT is designed and built to handle the rigours of harsh industrial requirements. Featuring IP rated sensors, industry standard connectors, designed for 24×7 long term operation with expanded temperature ranges.

IoT-PREDICT establishes a highly secure fully encrypted connection between the factory floor and the Azure cloud. It does this by using the Dell Edge 3000 Gateway running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Monitor from anywhere
Check dashboards, run queries and receive alerts on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Create a single view of multiple plants and compare performance (OEE) across regions.

A Smart Manufacturing enabler
By enabling Smart Manufacturing techniques such as Predictive Maintenance, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT-PREDICT allows manufacturers to embrace and adopt Industry 4.0 in their business.

True Industrial IoT in 10 minutes

IoT-PREDICT has been designed from the ground up to enable customers to have sensor data relevant to their operations, efficiently captured at the edge and available in Azure IoT within 10 minutes of opening the box. A true all-in-one solution.

Edge data capture..

With Industrial IP rated sensors connected to a rugged Dell Edge Gateway, sensor data is securely, accurately and reliably captured on the shop floor. It is then processed, stored and then forwarded in real-time against customer defined business rules to Microsoft Azure IoT.

For convenience, IoT-PREDICT ships with industrial grade vibration, current and temperature sensors, out of the box. As IoT-PREDICT is built upon the industry 4..20mA standard, you have the flexibility to connect any sensor of your choice, suited to your particular operational requirements.


Within Azure IoT, the sensor data is automatically visualised through easy to build and configure dashboards.

Rules Alerting

Alert rules are easily and quickly configured with email and SMS notifications being triggered to the right people in the organisation at the right time, precisely when they need them most!

Analytics & Predictive Maintenance

Over time the sensor data builds up into a highly valuable repository of industrial intelligence that can be queried, cross referenced with other MES & ERP systems and further analysed to identify where process improvements can be made, preventative maintenance calls scheduled, predictive maintenance models generated.

Machine Learning

IoT-PREDICT sensor data is securely and accurately captured at the edge, tagged, structured and dropped into Azure cloud storage. This data can then be made available for powerful Machine Learning analytics and algorithms for the purposes of anomaly detection and predictive maintenance modelling.

Condition Monitoring For All Types of Machines

Now you can easily, accurately and reliably monitor all kinds of machines and equipment.


IoT-PREDICT can be used to instrument high volume production critical equipment, quickly, cost effectively and with near zero impact on your existing production operations. Examples of plant and equipment suited to IoT-PREDICT are:

  • Presses
  • Robots
  • Compressors
  • Conveyor Systems

Facilities Management and Maintenance Providers

IoT-PREDICT is interoperable with and can be used to compliment existing Building Management Systems (BMS) to monitor the following:

  • HVAC
  • Lighting systems
  • Energy Monitoring

Industrial Equipment Suppliers

IoT-PREDICT is the ideal tool to quickly, easily and cost effectively connect your industrial equipment to the Internet of Things.

Experience the benefits of IoT-PREDICT first hand, Order Now and begin your journey toward true industrial IoT.

Predict, prevent & optimise

Use IoT-PREDICT to identify potential faults, avoid unnecessary downtime and optimise machine and equipment performance.

  • Increase equipment OEE
  • Minimise downtime
  • Minimise repair costs
  • Maximise machine performance
  • Prolong machine and component life
  • Reduce energy consumption

What our partners and customers have to say:

“IoT-PREDICT enables us to provide accurate, ‘smart’ data to our customers”
– Vivian Farrell, Modular Automation

“We see IoT-PREDICT helping our customers in 3 ways, increase operational efficiency, decrease scheduled downtime and improve asset utilisation”
– Patrick Ward, Principal Solutions Specialist – IoT at Microsoft

“Dell were incredibly excited to work on IoT-PREDICT as part of our vision for Industrial Automation”
– Marc Flanagan, EMEA Director